Wild Oats Donation Policy

Wild Oats Market contributes regularly to:

  • Community organizations that support the populations of Berkshire County, Renssaeler County and southern Vermont.
  • Organizations that have no political or religious affiliations.
  • Organizations that have as a goal improving and/or educating consumers about the nutritional quality of food; improving sustainability in food production; and/or  supporting local food production.
  • Organizations that support co-operative values, such as farm production co-ops.
  • Organizations that support learning and personal development, such as educational institutions.
  • Organizations that provide support to members of the community who are in need, such as low-income households.
  • Organizations that support environmental stewardship.

To allow us to more fairly consider each request we receive, we have created a procedure for requesting a donation. Please fill out the Donation Request Form and return it to the Customer Service Desk at Wild Oats, email it to marketing@wildoats.coop, or mail to Wild Oats Market, ATTN: Marketing/Member Services Manager, 320 Main Street, Williamstown, MA 01267. If you are a non-profit, please include certification of your non-profit status. Also, if you have any printed materials on your organization or the program for which you are requesting a donation, please include copies. Requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the event, and followed up with a call to the Marketing/Membership Manager a few days after the request has been submitted.

Wild Oats makes donations in the form of product or a gift card. Because we receive so many donation requests, we attempt to spread our donations out among as broad a spectrum of community organizations as possible. We are more likely to make small donations to many different organizations on a frequent basis than we are to make large donations to a few organizations. We do not donate to individuals.

 It is our intent to help our community to the extent we are able. We donate thousands of dollars each year in product and gift certificates as well as hours of staff time required to respond to requests in the best way possible. We will carefully consider your donation request and will do the best we can to support your organization. Thank you for thinking of Wild Oats and for your valuable work in the community.