Support for Sustainable Farming
We did not hop on the “eat local” bandwagon when it became popular a few years ago. For more than 30 years, Wild Oats Market has supported small organic farming and has sourced its fruits and vegetables locally whenever possible. Today, 70-85% of our produce is local in season, and fully 95% of our produce is organic year round.

Interested in seeing where your produce comes from? We schedule tours to nearby farms on a regular basis, to give you a closeup look at the small working farms in our area, and provide an opportunity for you to meet the farmers and ask questions about organic gardening.

We believe our support of local farmers and sustainable farming practices has many benefits, beyond providing our members and customers with nutritious, delicious food choices. By carrying local products we strengthen the local economy, helping our community to sustain itself. By offering products raised sustainably, we contribute to our planet’s ability to renew itself. By carrying local foods at affordable prices, we help make fresh and healthy food available to all regardless of income level, helping our community sustain itself, literally.

Support for Fair Trade
Thanks to fair trade, small-scale farmers in developmentally challenged areas around the world are able to sell their products at a better price, improve their economic conditions, and build their economic and political power at the local level.

Wild Oats Market works with Equal Exchange, our primary supplier of fair trade products, to educate our shoppers about fair trade. Our fair trade products include Equal Exchange coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas as well as fairly traded coffee from Dean’s Beans. Find out more about authentic fair trade.


A Sustainable Energy System for Heating and Cooling
Wild Oats Market heats the store entirely through reclaimed energy. The design of the store’s HVAC system allows it to harness the heat from our refrigeration equipment and return it to the store as heat is required. Wild Oats’ heat reclamation system enables us to heat our entire building throughout the long, cold New England winters.

Our HVAC system is also designed to help keep the store cool during the summer months, by exhausting the heat that is collected in the mechanical room to the outdoors, and by monitoring humidity, temperature and refrigerant levels throughout the building to address changing load requirements accurately and in an energy-efficient way. 

Product Packaging & Recycling
Shoppers can recycle wine corks at Wild Oats through a cork recycling program in which we participate. 

Wild Oats Market is required by law to sell prepared foods (such as specialty salads and single-serving desserts from our bakery) in fully sealed packaging. To mitigate the use of plastic in our store, we research and choose packaging and paper products that are kind to the environment and appropriate containers for the foods we sell. We purchase these products from suppliers who are known not only for the quality of their products, but also for their use of green manufacturing methods.

Wild Oats recycles all glass, metal and recyclable plastics that are used in the store. We also compost food waste, which goes to an area farm.