See What’s on Sale Now

The Co-op Deals Flyer is delivered on a biweekly basis (except for a few three-week periods). It is provided by the National Co-operative Grocers Association, to which Wild Oats belongs. The flyers are located at the entrance to the store and sale signs can be seen on the product shelves throughout the store. On average, each flyer contains about 35 co-op products offered at a sale price that is an average of 20% off the regular price. Sales for this flyer begin Wednesday, February 19  and are good through Tuesday, March 4. 










Take advantage of these great sales February 19 through March 4:


Liberte Mediterranean Yogurt 6 oz. 5/$5 (reg. $1.49 each)





Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 60 ct. $13.99 (reg. $22.99)
Other Nordic Naturals products also on sale




Amy’s Soup 14-14.5 oz. 2/$5 (reg. $3.39-$4.39)






GT’s Organic Kombucha 16 oz. $2.69 (reg. $3.99






Natural Vitality CALM 8 oz. $14.99 (reg. $22.99)







Shop these in-store specials February 5 through March 4.