Local & Organic Produce

Do you know where your produce comes from? The answer is yes, if you shop for produce at Wild Oats Market. We source local and certified organic produce, offering conventionally grown produce only when we cannot source a high-quality organic option for you at a reasonable cost. Our local vegetables come from Mighty Food and Clear Brook Certified Organic Farms in Vermont; Happenchance Certified Organic Farm in upstate New York; Jaeschke’s Orchard in Berkshire County, Mass.; Apex Orchards in Shelburne, Mass.; The Scott Farm in Dummerston, Vermont; and other organic and family farms in the Northeast/New England region. Although the Northeast growing season is short, our farmers make the most of it and produce beautiful, flavorful vegetables, berries and fruits from May through October. Hardy vegetables like kale are sometimes started early in greenhouses, where they are protected from the challenging early spring weather of this region. Organic produce, sourced from warmer climates in the U.S. and Mexico, is available year-round. Wild Oats also carries organically and locally grown annuals, vegetable flats and herbs in spring & summer, as well as hanging plants and MooDoo organic soil products from Vermont Natural AG.

1-spring veg2-kk

Locally grown spring onions from Mighty Food Farm.


Locally grown rainbow chard.


Locally grown radishes from Mighty Food Farm.




Green leaf lettuce MFF_rr

Locally Grown Green Leaf Lettuce from Mighty Food.

curly kale  (800x724)

Locally Grown Curly Kale


Locally Grown Strawberries from Mighty Food.


Local tomatoes and corn (300x225)

Local tomatoes, corn, garlic and potatoes.

Raspberries and mint

Local raspberries and mint.


Local pumpkins, winter squash and root vegetables.

apples vestibule

Apples from local orchards.

Apex yellow peaches (800x546)

Yellow peaches from Apex Orchards, Shelburne, Mass.


Locally grown bell peppers from Happenchance Farm.

Local blueberries (300x225)

Blake’s Blues from Stamford, Vermont.






Locally grown cherry heirloom tomatoes.


Fresh Herbs from Talus Wood Farm.

Fruit cup square

Organic house-made fruit cups.