Produce Specials Dec. 13-19

We’re getting into orange season! On sale Dec. 13-19 – organic navel oranges $1.49/lb (reg. $1.99/lb). Mighty Food Farm local and organic green & red cabbage, $3.99 each (reg. $4.99 each). Local and organic garlic, also from Mighty Food Farm, on sale for $1.99 each (reg. $2.99 each) We are introducing three new items to our cut fruits & vegetables section and these are also on sale Dec. 13-19: tangerine & grape cups for $2.99 each (reg. price $3.49 each); kiwi cups for $1.99 each; and cut parsnips at $2.49 for 1 lb. Sale starts Friday, Dec. 13 and goes through Thursday, Dec. 19.