Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Place your Thanksgiving turkey order now at Wild Oats Market. We are offering Misty Knoll Farms fresh free-range turkeys from New Haven, VT  for $4.49/lb this year – the same price as last year. Misty Knoll Farms naturally grown birds are raised in open barns with free access to lush pasture, sunlight, wholesome feed and fresh water. Allowed to grow naturally to size, Misty Knoll turkeys are robust and meaty. We receive many orders for Misty Knoll Farms turkeys every year, and with good reason. Our Misty Knoll turkeys are available in a range of sizes: 12-14 lb; 15-17 lb; 18-20 lb; 21-23 lb; 24-26 lb; 27+ lb.

We are also offering limited quantities of organic turkeys from Grateful Harvest in Bridgeport, NJ. Grateful Harvest organic turkeys are $5.99/lb and available in three sizes: 8-12 lb; 12-16 lb; and 16-20 lb.

If you are interested in placing a special order for boneless turkey breasts, turkey legs, or hams, please call our Meat, Cheese & Produce Manager Leigh-Anne Nicastro at (413) 458-8060.

Deadline for turkey orders is Tuesday, November 19. Pick up your turkey beginning Monday November 25 after 12 noon, up until 8 pm on Wednesday November 27.

To order: stop by the store and add your name to our sign up sheet (please specify size and include your phone number in case we have a question). Or, call us at (413) 458-8060 and we will be happy to take your order.

Please note that turkey size may vary up to 1 lb under or over size specified.