Become A Member-Owner

There are many ways to join Wild Oats:

In person. Visit our Customer Service counter, or ask a cashier to sign you up. You will be given a membership form that is quick and easy to fill out. When you complete the form, just go through any check-out line, and the cashier will collect your equity payment and enter you into our system as a new member-owner.

By phone. Call the co-op at (413) 458-8060. Just let us know why you are calling, and you will be transferred to someone who can add you as a member-owner.

By mail. You can pick up an application at the store, print one out here, or ask us to email you one — just call or email us at Please return your application with a check for $20 (your first of 10 annual equity payments) to Wild Oats Market, 320 Main Street, Williamstown, MA 01267. Please include the names that should be on your member account (your name plus the names of other adults living in your household), your address, phone and email address.

Member-Owner Benefits

As a Wild Oats member-owner, you enjoy:

  • Member-only coupons and special discounts on Member-Owner Appreciation Days four times a year.
  • Discounts on special orders of non-sale items.
  • Yearly patronage rebates when the co-op is profitable. (For more information about our Patronage Rebate Program, please see Article 12 of the bylaws).
  • Participation in our Wild Connections program, which offers discounts and special offers from local area businesses.
  • A vote at the Annual Meeting and a say in how the co-op is governed.



But being a member-owner is about more than what you get for joining.

You can’t really quantify the benefits of having a business like Wild Oats Market in the community. As a small, independent food co-op that focuses on local and organic products, Wild Oats Market provides a place where people can shop for healthy, delicious food — and know where that food comes from. The biggest benefit of all is being able to enjoy a community resource that supports:

  • Healthy food choices that are accessible to all income levels
  • Fair trade, earth-friendly products
  • Products made locally and with organic ingredients
  • Local small farmers
  • Sustainable living practices
  • A thriving local economy

Do you share our goals? If so, you can help us meet them by becoming a Wild Oats member-owner today.