Member-Owner Benefits

As a Wild Oats member-owner, you enjoy:

  • Member-only coupons and special discounts on Member-Owner Appreciation Days four times a year.
  • Discounts on special orders of non-sale items.
  • Yearly patronage rebates when the co-op is profitable. (For more information about our Patronage Rebate Program, please see Article 12 of the bylaws).
  • Participation in our Wild Connections program, which offers discounts and special offers from local area businesses.
  • A vote at the Annual Meeting and a say in how the co-op is governed.



But being a member-owner is about more than what you get for joining.

You can’t really quantify the benefits of having a business like Wild Oats Market in the community. As a small, independent food co-op that focuses on local and organic products, Wild Oats Market provides a place where people can shop for healthy, delicious food — and know where that food comes from. The biggest benefit of all is being able to enjoy a community resource that supports:

  • Healthy food choices that are accessible to all income levels
  • Fair trade, earth-friendly products
  • Products made locally and with organic ingredients
  • Local small farmers
  • Sustainable living practices
  • A thriving local economy

Do you share our goals? If so, you can help us meet them by becoming a Wild Oats member-owner today.