Ioka Valley Beef

Ioka Valley Farm, a second/third generation family farm owned and operated by Don and Judy Leab, their son, Robert, and his wife Melissa, is a diversified family farm located in Hancock, Mass. One of the primary products that Ioka raises, and that you will find at Wild Oats Market, is natural, hormone-free beef. Ioka Valley Farm quality beef is pasture-raised during the spring through fall months. During these months the cows’ diet is supplemented by Ioka’s own ground corn, which is raised on the farm. During the winter months the animals are housed in a loose housing, free stall environment with free choice hay and ground corn, all grown at Ioka Valley Farm.

In Wild Oats Market’s Fresh Meat & Seafood Department, you will find many cuts of beef from Ioka, including flank, eye round, ribeye, and house-ground round. As of this writing (June 1, 2014), Ioka ground beef is on sale for $8.49/lb.

In addition to beef, Ioka is well-known in the region for its 100% pure maple syrup. Rob Leab and his wife, Melissa, revived the art of maple sugaring in 1992 with 13 taps and a boiler on the kitchen stove.  Today, Ioka has more than 9500 taps and two modern boilers housed in its large sugar house.  In the spring of 1997, the Leabs converted the farm’s calf barn into the “Calf-A,” which serves delicious pancake meals with (what else) Ioka 100% pure maple syrup throughout the sugaring season.

The Leab family has made its farm a year-round destination, with a  pick-your-own pumpkin patch and corn maze in the fall; and Christmas trees, holiday decorations and visits from Santa in winter. Children and adults enjoy meeting the barnyard full of farm animals during the warm weather months; and picking their own strawberries in early summer (it’s almost strawberry season!)

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try Ioka’s locally raised beef and its locally produced maple syrup, both available at Wild Oats Market – and to visit their lovely farm in Hancock when you have a chance.