Howard Bowers Day at Wild Oats Market

This year, Wild Oats Market will designate Saturday, October 26 as Howard Bowers Day, and donate 1% of its sales from that day to the Howard K. Bowers Fund of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF). Grants from the Bowers Fund help provide training and development for staff, managers and board members of food cooperatives across the United States.

Since the first Howard Bowers Day in 1998, the number of co-ops participating in Howard Bowers Day has ranged from 10 to 49 co-ops and the total raised has ranged from $2,370 to $14,457.  The total raised from the first through the fifteenth Howard Bowers Day, held in October 2012, is $96,892.

When you shop at Wild Oats next Saturday, know that 1% of what you spend will go to support the growth of food co-ops across the country. Thank you for shopping at Wild Oats Market.