Happenchance Farm, Eagle Bridge, NY

Happenchance Farm is a certified organic family farm located in Eagle Bridge, New York. It is owned and operated by Jamie Snyder, who has been bringing beautiful organic tomatoes, baby spinach, and other produce to Wild Oats Market for many years. Jamie also sells his produce at farmers’ markets and at his farmstand, as well as to farm-to-table restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

Happenchance Farm raises mixed vegetables, greens, melons, flowers, strawberries and vegetable and herb transplants using certified organic methods.The farm’s largest crops are mesclun, mixed greens and tomatoes. At Wild Oats, “Jamie’s Tomatoes” are among the most popular items in the Produce Department. Some of the other Happenchance crops you will find in season at Wild Oats include: zucchini, pickling and regular cucumbers, squash, eggplant, mesclun, lettuce, spinach and melon, all certified organic. As of today, August 3, we have tomatoes; green bell, purple and Cubanelle peppers; heirloom eggplant; mesclun; and baby spinach from Happenchance in stock. Like many of our local farms, Happenchance has extended its growing season through the use of high tunnel gardening.

Jamie Snyder, owner of Happenchance Farm

Happenchance Farm is so named because it started on a happenchance. Jamie had worked on a conventional farm for more than a dozen years, but over 20 years ago decided to start a smaller scale organic farm. He and his wife had long admired a local farm and occasionally visited its owners while looking for land. One day the owners told Jamie and his wife, “You know, the farm isn’t on the market yet…” But it just so happened that soon it was – and Happenchance Farm was born.