Global Village Cuisine Tasting

Thursday, July 17 from 4-6:30 pm and Thursday, July 24 from 4-6:30 pm – taste traditional African cuisine made with healthy, traditional ¬†ingredients, with special emphasis on ancient grains, hearty beans, leafy greens, and occasional use of lean meats. Mel, the founder of Global Village Cuisine, with be here; and he will be sampling Global Cuisine’s:

Curry vegetable samosas
Chicken & spinach samosas
African no-nut vegan stew
Ethiopian vegetable & lentils
Kenyan sauteed kale with millet & brown rice

You may not want dinner after you participate in this tasting. Or, you may want to head right over to our Grab n’ Go, where we stock Global Village Cuisine’s healthy, allergy-friendly, ready-to-eat meals rooted in the cooking traditions of African and world cuisine. Mel and his wife Damaris have crafted these dishes with the same passion and care they invest in their own family cooking. Their delicious “slow foods,” which include simple ingredients and satisfying traditional tastes, allow you and your family to enjoy the pleasure of global good eating as well as the convenience of prepared food.

Global Village Cuisine is locally based in White River Junction, Vermont.