A Wild Oats Gift Card Is Perfect for . . .

  • Students at nearby schools and colleges.  Make sure they eat healthy when they’re away from home.
  • Someone new to the community or visiting. Introduce them to the place to shop for healthy and delicious food.
  • Anyone who loves good food.

A gift card to our co-op makes a thoughtful and fun gift for any occasion. You can give gifts in any amount. The card can be recharged, making it easy for you and your loved ones to purchase fresh, healthy foods.

Wild Oats gift cards are accepted at all participating locations!

Gift Cards Make Shopping at the Co-op More Convenient
A rechargeable gift card is an easy way to make sure that you always have the funds you need for a trip to the co-op. By using a gift card instead of a credit card
, you also help us decrease our costs without sacrificing the convenience of using plastic to shop. If you pay for the gift card with a credit card, you will still earn points or miles, while reducing costs for the co-op. If you pay for the card with cash or check, that’s even better for the co-op!

When you order a gift card:
We will mail the card to the address you specify. Please specify whether the card should be sent to you (the Buyer) or to someone else (Recipient). You can also pick up your gift card the next time you are in the store. Just go to our Customer Service counter and let us know that you are picking up a gift card. Gift cards will be put in the mail the same day as the order is placed (our mail pickup is once a day, in the morning); and will be available for pickup within four hours after the order is placed.

Questions? Please contact our Customer Service Manager, Nancy Hammann, at customers@wildoats.coop.


Order a Wild Oats Gift Card online today. It’s easy!