Free Banana for Co+op Explorers

What’s better than a free cookie for keeping kids occupied while their parents shop? We have the answer – a free banana! Sign up your child (or children) who are 12 years and under as a Co+op Explorer beginning Monday, October 7,  to make them eligible to receive a free banana every time you shop. Signing up is easy – Parent(s) or supervising adult(s), simply stop by Customer Service with your kid(s). One of our staff will sign your child up as an Explorer and issue him/her an official Co+op Explorers card.

Then, whenever you shop, stop by Customer Service, where the Explorer banana basket and  stickers are kept. Take an Explorer sticker for your child’s jacket, and a banana for your child. When you check out, please remind the cashier that your child ate a free banana as part of Co+op Explorers so that we can track participation in the program. The peels? We’ll take ’em, thanks.

We hope you enjoy this program and that it makes shopping easier and more fun for you and your family. If you have any questions about, please don’t hesitate to ask a produce staff person or one of our cashiers.