Monthly Cheese Specials

Grafton Clothbound Cheddar, a raw cow’s milk cheese with a natural rind, is from Grafton Village Cheese in Grafton, Vermont, and is October’s Cave-to-Coop special.

Clothbound Cheddar is a classic milled curd cow’s milk cheddar wrapped in cheesecloth while it ages slowly in Grafton’s caves for a minimum of six months. This is a bold cheese with both nut and mushroom notes, and is simply delicious this time of year with a ripe local apple or a slice of home-made apple pie.

The Grafton Cave aged line of cheeses takes Grafton beyond its Vermont cheddar roots. The cheese is carefully matured in Grafton’s own cave aging facility using raw milk from Vermont family farms, that contains no artificial hormones. The rennet used for this cheese is non-GMO microbial rennet, suitable for vegetarian diets.

The Grafton Village Cheese Co. was founded in 1892 as the Grafton Cooperative Cheese Co., to convert surplus milk from local dairy farmers into cheese. In 1912, the cheesemaking factory burned down.  The community had no cheesemaking facility until 1962, when the Windham Foundation restored the factory and brought cheesemaking back to the community. The Foundation is dedicated to promoting the rural communities of Vermont. The profits from Grafton Village Cheese go back into the Foundation to further its commitment to keep rural Vermont thriving.

For the past few years, Wild Oats Market has participated in the Cave-to-Coop program, created and managed by theNeighboring Food Co-op Association, to which Wild Oats Market belongs. The Neighboring Food Co-op is a cooperative network of 35 food co-ops and startups across New England, who share a vision of a flourishing cooperative economy, rooted in a healthy and sustainable food system. The Cave to Coop program introduces co-op shoppers to many of the remarkable artisan cheesemakers in our region, and contributes to a stronger regional food system by introducing local cheesemakers to consumers and encouraging them to try their products.

During the month of October, the Grafton Clothbound Cheddar is available for the special price of $11.99/lb.