Pay for the product, not the package.

Shop the more than 200 items in our bulk aisle, many of them organic and locally produced, and save money while you stock up on menu staples as well as hard-to-find items like organic wheat berries and spelt flour.
Bulk foods like whole grains and beans offer flavorful ways to eat well on a budget. You pay for the product not the packaging, and you are able to purchase just what you need. We encourage you to bring your own containers to reduce waste; but we also have a variety of environmentally friendly containers for you to use.
Our Bulk Department features an amazing and changing array of nutritious and delicious items, including:
Nuts, Seeds & Nut Butter. Organic nuts from Tierra Farm. Try the curry cashews! Conventionally produced nuts also. Fresh almond and peanut butter – grind your own or purchase freshly ground by us. Learn more about the health benefits of nuts.
Grains, Beans & Pasta. Organic. Our extensive selection includes 15 varieties of rice and 14 varieties of beans. Find out why quinoa is called a superfood. Download our recipe for Orange Quinoa.
Coffees and Teas. Fair Trade and organic coffees from Equal Exchange, Dean’s Beans and Tierra Farm in nearby Valatie, NY. Certified organic loose teas in a variety of flavors from Frontier.
Granola & Trail Mix. Try our organic Triple C Mix from Tierra Farm or Raisin Conscious from New England Natural Bakers. BOLA Granola is a non-nonsense granola locally made in South Berkshire County. Or, make your own delicious granola. It’s easy, and you’ll find most of the ingredients you need right in our Bulk Department.
Chocolate. From cherries to raisins, you’ll find an our assortment or organica and conventional chocolate-covered nuts and fruits hard to resist. Chocolate covered pretzels too!
Dried Fruits. One of our most popular bulk items. We offer dried mangos, cherries, dates, and much more. Organic and conventional and low sugar and sugar-free varieties are available.
Baking Ingredients. Several varieties of flour, including spelt and whole wheat. Bread flour freshly ground at the co-op. Fair trade sugar.
Oils. Organic canola and olive.
Herbs and Spices. Fresh and organic, from Frontier. Buy just what you need – no more stockpiling spices that you use only once in a while.
And more … Snack mixes, energy bars, locally made Kombucha. Locally produced maple syrup too. Plus – bulk soap for laundry, dishes and personal care.


From almonds to anise – find it in our Bulk Department. Learn more about the advantages of bulk buying.