August Cave-to-Coop Cheese

Our Cave-to-Coop cheese special for August is Pawlet, a raw cow’s milk cheese with a natural rind, from Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont.

Spanning the rolling hills of Vermont’s Champlain Valley and easternmost Washington County, New York, this 300-acre farm, founded in 1864 by Consider Stebbins Bardwell, was the first cheese-making co-op in Vermont. More than a century later, the farm continues to produce award-winning cheeses from the milk of Oberhasli goats and Jersey cows. Rotational grazing on pesticide- and fertilizer-free pastures produces the sweetest milk and the tastiest cheese. Consider Bardwell cheeses are made by hand in small batches from whole, fresh milk that is antibiotic and hormone free. Only microbial (non-animal) rennet is used in their cheesemaking. All cheeses are aged on the farm.

The basis of Pawlet, an Italian-style mountain toma, is raw Jersey cow’s milk. Pawlet is aged four to six months. Its flavor is mild and buttery, with hints of flowers, grass and savory herbal notes. Pawlet’s creamy texture and bright taste give it a broad appeal and ┬ámake it a great sandwich cheese or appetizer.

During the month of August, Consider Bardwell’s Pawlet is offered at the special price of $12.99/lb.