Annual Meeting Hosts Panel of Local Farmers

Tuesday, October 29, from 8-9 pm*, at the Wild Oats Market Annual Meeting there will be a panel discussion among four local farmers focusing on “The Business of Sustainable Farming.” The panelists will be: Morgan Hartman, managing partner of Black Queen Angus Farm, a diversified forage-based farming operation in Berlin, NY; Suzy Konecky, creamery manager of Cricket Creek Farm, a grass-based dairy farm in Williamstown, MA; Lisa MacDougall, owner/manager of Mighty Food Farm, a certified organic vegetable farm in Pownal, VT; and John Primmer, co-owner and manager along with his wife Joy Primmer of Wildstone Farm, a certified organic vegetable farm also in Pownal. The panel will be moderated by Brent Wasser, manager of the Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program at Williams College.

The panel will focus on the economics of farming, from the perspective of the small local farmer who practices sustainable farming. We will hear from each farmer on how their production costs may differ from conventional farmers, and the investment it takes to produce food using sustainable methods of agriculture.

Our chef will create a dish that includes items from all four farms, as part of the refreshments offered at the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in finding out more about the practical aspects of sustainable farming, and the operations of our local farmers, we encourage you to join us for our annual member-owner meeting.

* Time is approximate. We will begin the panel discussion as soon as our Business Meeting is completed, which will be approximately 8 pm.