All Gaia Herbs 10% Off Through March 31

Experience the Gaia difference! The Gaia process – Purity + Integrity = Potency – results in herbal remedies that offer optimum vitality. Gaia procures its seeds and plants from sources whose organic methods and plant quality it can verify. Beyond the sourcing of ethically produced, quality raw materials, Gaia’s Principles of Purity promote sustainability and social responsibility. In creating its herbal medicines, Gaia ensures the fullest possible expression of each herb. As herbal ingredients move through the production process, Gaia uses the optimal extraction technology and ideal concentration methods to act in accordance with the physical properties of the herb. Now through March 31, all Gaia Herbs are 10% off at Wild Oats Market. If you are looking for a specific Gaia herb that is not on our shelf, please ask: we’d be happy to look into getting it for you.

Almost spring cleaning time! Ten Cleansing Tips from Gaia Herbs.